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Make a payment

You need to pay and report super electronically to meet ATO SuperStream requirements.

AMIST Super have two SuperStream compliant options:

1. Employer SuperPay Clearing House

Use this service when AMIST Super is your employer nominated/default fund and you would like to use our affiliated Clearing house to make payments to multiple super funds, including AMIST Super.

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AMIST Super has chosen SuperChoice to provide Clearing House services for our employers.

The Employer SuperPay Clearing house allows you to send one data contribution file and one payment for all employees, regardless of what super fund they belong to. So, if you have AMIST Super members and choice of fund members, you can manage all payments through this one service.

If AMIST Super is your employer nominated/default fund you can use the Employer SuperPay Clearing House at no cost.

You must be a registered AMIST Super employer first and have your AMIST employer number to enrol.

Already registered?

If you are already registered with AMIST Super and have your AMIST Super Employer number, you can enrol for Employer SuperPay now.

Not registered?

You can register here and you will be emailed a confirmation and link to the clearing house enrolment.

SuperChoice can be contacted for assistance or if you have any day to day clearing house administration queries on 1300 659 456 between 8am and 6 pm or email at scadmin@superchoice.com.au

You can also contact Royston Bennett from AMIST if you have any issues.

You can access SuperChoice’s short employer help videos and simple user guide here.

2. EmployerAccess

You can use this service:

  • to manage/update your employer details and pay for AMIST Super members only.
  • to make payments for AMIST Super members when AMIST is not your default fund.
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Our EmployerAccess online portal allows payments to AMIST Super members only.

It also allows employers to update their employer address and contact details.

If AMIST Super is not your employer nominated fund and you are paying for an AMIST Super member you can:

  1. Pay to AMIST Super via your own default fund clearing house.
  2. Pay for AMIST Super members only via our EmployerAccess page. You will need to have your business details handy to register to use this payment method.
  3. Use the Small Business Clearing House at no cost if you have 19 or less employees.

Make AMIST Super your employer nominated super fund at your workplace.

If you would like to make AMIST Super your employer nominated fund, please complete the employer nominated choice form here.

If you need assistance or would like to discuss this further, contact our National Client Service Manager, Royston Bennett, on 0437 697 737  or email roystonb@amist.com.au.