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Member investment choice

Member Investment Choice (MIC) gives members the opportunity to invest their superannuation in one or more of the six investment options offered by AMIST Super.

The investment options are identical for AMIST Super, the AMIST Super Personal Division and the AMIST Pension Plan.

Please refer to the Investment Guide (PDF, 1.3MB) for more details of these investment strategies.

Your choice of options

MySuper Option

This is the default investment strategy used by AMIST Super if you don’t choose how you wish to have your superannuation invested. The MySuper Option provides a diversified mix of investments, which attempts to provide a balance between risk and return. It is estimated that the probability of a negative return on average is 3.8 out of every twenty years.

NOTE: The MySuper Option is not available in AMIST SuperPension.

Secure Option

The Secure Option provides investment in domestic cash. This is the lowest risk strategy available to AMIST Super members and there is little likelihood that this option will provide a negative return. Whilst this option is designed to consistently provide a positive return on investment, long-term investment may result in a low accumulation of retirement savings.

Capital Stable Option

The Capital Stable Option is designed for members who want to target returns that are better than Cash, with a lower risk than the Balanced Fund. It is estimated that the probability of a negative return on average is 1.8 out of every twenty years.

The assets held in this option will be diversified with some small exposure to Australian and Overseas shares. However the majority of the investment will be in Fixed Interest and cash. Fixed Interest investments are things like Government or Corporate Bonds. The risk profile is greater than the Secure Option, but less than the Balanced Option.

Balanced Option

The Balanced Option provides a diversified mix of investments, which attempts to provide a balance between risk and return. It is estimated that the probability of a negative return on average is a 3.8 out of every twenty years.

Growth Option

The Growth Option provides investment mainly in Australian and international shares with a relatively small component in Australian bonds. Returns are expected to vary significantly from year to year. There is a higher probability of negative returns than the Balanced Option with an estimated probability of a negative return on average 4.3 out of every twenty years.

High Growth Option

The High Growth Option is designed to try to achieve a higher return than the Growth Option but of course with more risk. The assets will be in Australian and Overseas Shares. The risk profile of the High Growth option is greater than the Growth Option. It is estimated that the probability of a negative return on average is 5.1 out of every twenty years.


How do I switch between investments?

You can switch online or by filling in a form

If you’re already registered for access to your super account you’ll be able to make switches online. If not, just call the AMIST Super Hotline on 1800 808 614 to get a password.

Or you can fill in this form (PDF, Page 15, 1.3MB) and just post it back to us. The switch will take effect from the next Wednesday after the form is received (i.e. if it is received by Tuesday it will take effect on the following day).

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to make a switch.

How often can I switch?

Investment switches are processed weekly and take effect each Wednesday. You need to ensure that we are advised of your switch by Tuesday at the latest by either completing and sending an “Investment Choice” form to us, or making a switch on-line via MemberAccess.

If you make more than one switch application in a week, the last one received will be the one processed to your account.

When does my switch take effect?

Investment switches can be made weekly and take effect from the next Wednesday. You will need to complete a Member Investment Choice Form (page 15 of the Investment Guide document) which must be received by AMISTSuper’s Administrator by Tuesday to take effect from the following day. If switching online, the switch must updated by 11:59 pm on the Tuesday:

Please note that our Administrator does not receive mail deliveries on weekend or Public Holidays in NSW; therefore if using the form to make a switch you need to allow time for the form to be processed by Australia Post.

We recommend that you register for Member Access which will allow you to request an investment switch instantly on-line. For more details you can contact the AMIST Super Hotline on 1800 808 614.


Application received between:Takes effect from:
Wed 7 March 2018 and Tues 13 March 2018Wed 14 March 2018
Wed 14 March 2018 and Tues 20 March 2018Wed 21 March 2018
Wed 21 March 2018 and Tues 27 March 2018Wed 28 March 2018

Please refer to the AMIST Super Investment Guide for details of the Fund’s investment options and switching.

Current balance invested one way / future contributions invested another

The way you want your super invested is your choice. You can decide to invest your current balance and all new contributions in one investment option or split it amongst several options. You can also decide to invest your current balance in one option and then choose another investment option or options for new contributions.

Prior to making any change to the way your superannuation is invested you should refer to the current Investment Guide which contains full details of all of the investment options offered. You can download it here (PDF, 1.3MB) or obtain a printed copy by calling 1800 808 614.

It is also recommended that you seek financial advice prior to making any decision regarding the investment of your super. AMIST Super can assist you through our partnership with Link Advice, who have been engaged by the Trustee to provide members with independent financial advice. Members can call between 8am and 6pm Sydney time and speak to a financial planner who can offer advice on investment options and other super related topics. This basic advice is provided at no additional cost to members – it is paid for from the fund.