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Investment Policy

AMIST Super offers you the flexibility to choose how your superannuation is invested.

You can invest you superannuation in one or more of the five different investment options available within AMIST Super – the Secure, Capital Secure, Balanced, Growth and High Growth Options.

You can change the way your superannuation is invested monthly; changes take effect from the first day of a month and applications to switch need to be received five business days prior to the end of the previous month.

Members who do not choose how they wish to invest their money with AMIST Super, or do not wish to make a choice, will have their superannuation invested in the fund’s default option, which is the MySuper Option.

A brief summary of the six investment options appears in the Member Investment Choice section of this area of the web. More detail appears in the Investment Guide which can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.5MB). Alternatively you can obtain a printed copy by contacting the AMIST Super Hotline on 1800 808 614.

Investment Policy Statement

The AMIST Super Trustee has an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that details the policies adopted by the Trustee in investing your fund’s assets.

The IPS details the Trustee’s approach to investing including: the asset classes each investment option can invest in; the characteristics of each investment option; rebalancing; the use of derivatives; policies on voting of shares and on lending stocks; benchmarks used; and the policy relating to the Allocation of Earnings.

The IPS is available to members on request.

The MySuper Option is the default option for the Fund. Members not electing a valid switch will have their entire assets allocated to the MySuper Option.