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Member Forms

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Insurance forms

Eligible members of AMIST Super (members aged 25 or older with a balance of more than $6,000) will automatically receive our default insurance cover and will have a 90 day opportunity to:
  • Apply to double their amount of Life Insurance (from 2 units of cover to 4 units) and TPD Insurance (from 1 unit of cover to 2 units). After the 90 day “window” any application for additional Life and TPD cover will be subject to medical assessment.
  • Apply for additional Income Protection Insurance cover (up to 50 units). Where an application is received within the 90 day “window” cover is provided in the event of a claim relating to sickness, irrespective of when the sickness commenced.

For applications for additional Income Protection Insurance cover received after the 90 day window, cover will only be provided for a sickness that occurs after the date the application for cover is approved.

Complete this form and return it to us within 90 days of the date we confirm your automatic insurance cover has started.

Banking and general administration forms