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Call us for financial advice financial advice
1800 808 614

If you have any questions or concerns about your super, you can call the AMIST Super Hotline.

  • How does salary sacrifice work?
  • How can I plan for my retirement?
  • Can I get the Government co-contribution?
  • What does ‘transition to retirement’ mean, and should I be doing it?
  • Are there benefits from having just one super fund?
  • Which investment strategy is best for me?
  • Should I put extra money into super?

Our qualified Hotline staff can assist you with administration issues such as fixing your address, sending you forms or advising of your balance / investment options / contribution history and give you a password to logon to your own account… but they can’t give you advice about your super.

For that, you need a qualified financial adviser.

AMIST Super has engaged Link Advice to provide simple financial advice for all of our members over the phone. The reason we picked Link Advice is easy – we feel they give thorough and professional financial advice and like the fact that they charge a flat fee-for-service (rather than being paid as a result of commissions on products that they sell to you).

And there is no additional fee for simple advice over the phone. This cost is included in the normal weekly administration fee that you pay. That’s right, you won’t have to pay any extra for it.

So call 1800 808 614 and ask to be transferred after you speak with our Hotline staff about your account in general.

Make the most of your super with practical, professional financial advice that’s just a phone call away.

AMIST Super Hotline – 1800 808 614 (8am – 8pm AEST)