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After-tax contributions

You can increase your retirement benefit by making additional contributions.

Making personal contributions to your super is a great way to help it grow and potentially provide a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Additional contributions can be made as personal contributions from your after-tax pay, or you may be able to make contributions before-tax via salary sacrifice.

To make an after-tax contribution, your employer can make contributions to your AMIST Super member account, you can make contributions yourself, or your spouse can make contributions on your behalf.

Simply complete the Member Voluntary Contribution Form, select your payment option and send the form back to us. 

There are three payment methods you can use to make additional contributions to your AMIST Super account. These are:

Payroll deduction — You can arrange with your employer to have an amount deducted from your pay and sent to AMIST Super. Just complete the Payroll Deduction Authority form and give it to your pay office.

BPAY — To make after-tax contributions by BPAY, you will need our Biller Code and your BPAY Reference Number. You’ll find this information when you log onto your online account. It’s also available on your membership card, on your latest Member Statement, or you can call our AMIST Super Hotline to get the details. BPAY transactions generally take two days to be processed, so if you want your contribution to reach your AMIST Super account by a particular date, say 30 June, you will need to allow for the processing time.

Self Initiated Authorised Bank Transfer (EFT) is available upon arrangement. Call 1800 808 614 for more details

The Federal Government has placed some limitations on the amount you can contribute in any financial year, and there are additional restrictions on making contributions once you reach age 65. Please read the Contributions fact sheet carefully before making any contributions.