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Application for AMIST Super membership Download (249KB)
Member Investment Choice Download (250KB)
Pension Plan Member Investment Choice Download (877KB)
AMIST Personal Division Application Form Download (268KB)
AMIST Pension Application Form Download (1.1MB)
Pension Notification of Retirement Download (178KB)
Want to rollover your super or make a contribution?    
Rollover form Download (346KB)
Proof of complying fund letter Download (87KB)
Choice of superannuation fund form Download (317KB)
Member voluntary contribution form Download (242KB)
Employment questionnaire (work test declaration for 65-74 year olds making personal contributions) Download (205KB)
Insurance forms    
Application to change Life and/or TPD Insurance Download (190KB)
Application to increase/decrease Income Protection Download PDF(183KB)
Insurance Transfer form (Life and TPD cover only) Download (234KB)
Request to increase insurance – Life Events (Life and TPD cover only) Download (235KB)
Office Worker occupation declaration Download (305KB)
Income Protection claim form Download (383KB)
Special application to vary Life Insurance, TPD and/or Income Protection - New Members only Download (216KB)
Banking and general administration forms    
Automatic Bank Transfer (direct debit) request form Download (293KB)
Payroll Deduction Authority form Download (198KB)
Change of membership details form Download (207KB)
Beneficiary nomination form Download (228KB)
Tax File Number Notification Form - or supply online here Download (291KB)
Change of Pension payment details Download (245KB)
Employer forms    
Employers contributions return Download (291KB)
Application to become a participating employer Download (155KB)

To read PDF files you need to have Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded from the Adobe website free of charge.

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