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1) Trust Deed

AMIST Consolidated Trust Deed

2) Governing Rules

The Governing Rules are contained in the Trust Deed

3) Rules relating to the nomination, appointment and removal of Directors

The rules for the nomination and appointment of Member Representative Directors are contained in the AMIST Director Election Rules.

The rules for the appointment of Employer Representative Directors, and the Removal of (Employer or Member Representative) Directors appears in the AMIST Pty Ltd Constitution.

4) Actuarial Report

AMIST Super Employer Sponsored and Personal Divisions are both Defined Contribution (accumulation) Funds. AMIST Pension is an Account Based Pension.

Therefore Actuarial Reports are not required.

5) Product Disclosure Statements

See our Product Disclosure Page

6) Annual Report

See our Publications Page

7) Financial Services Guide

See our Publications Page

8) Summary of Significant Event Notices

The following Significant Event notices have been sent to members:

Administration fee increase (Aug 2012)

Download PDF (179KB)

TPD introduction (May 2013)

Download PDF (395KB)

My Super introduction (Mar 2014)

Download PDF (181KB)

Insurance fee changes 2016

Download PDF (221KB)

Federal Government Tax Changes for pension funds from 1 July 2017

Download PDF (635KB)

Increase in Income Protection Insurance 3 March 2018

Download PDF (199KB)

9) Names and ABNs of Material Service Providers

See our Material Service Providers Page

10) Executive Officers’ Names, Experience and Remuneration

See our Executive Officers Experience and Executive Officers Remuneration Page

11) Director Meeting Attendance

See our Director Meeting Attendance Page

12) Register of Relevant Duties and Register of Relevant Interests

Register of Relevant Duties
Register of Relevant Interests

13) A summary of the Conflicts Management Policy

Conflict Management Policy

14) Fund’s Proxy Voting Policy

The AMIST Trustee does not have a Policy for exercising voting rights in relation to shares in listed companies.

15) A summary of when, during the previous financial year, and how, the entity has exercised its voting rights in relation to shares in listed companies.

The AMIST Trustee does not have a Policy for exercising voting rights in relation to shares in listed companies; therefore any voting rights have not been exercised.

16) The Trustee’s Constitution

AMIST Pty Ltd Constitution

17) Annual financial statements for year ending 30 June 2018

AMIST Audited Fund Accounts

Member Access Clearing House Employer Access