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You don't have to work in the meat industry to enjoy the benefits of AMIST Super's competitive returns and low fees. Anyone can join.

AMIST Super offers three competitive products:

  1. AMIST Super – Employer Sponsored Division (PDF, 1.4MB)

    To be a member of this division, a participating employer must nominate you for membership so Superannuation Guarantee contributions can be made on your behalf. It is very easy for employers to sign up as an AMIST Super Employer. As a member of this division, you automatically* receive 2 units of Life and 1 unit of Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance with no medical questions asked, costing just $6.35 pw. We also provide you with 5 units of Income Protection at a cost of $2.75 per week for Manual Workers or $2.00 per week for Office Workers. You can always apply for more insurance if you wish, or cancel it if you don't want the cover.

    Join AMIST Super Employer Sponsored Division - PDF 1.4MB

    *insurance cover is available to members aged under 70

  2. AMIST Super Personal Division

    This is for our self-employed members or for employees who work for a company that does not want to sign up as an AMIST Super Employer. It still offers all the same low-fees, investment options and services - AND the same automatic Life and TPD Insurance and Income Protection Insurance. This is wonderful peace of mind for people who are busy, looking after customers and staff and who may not take the time to look after themselves. It is very simple to apply for additional Income Protection to cover your income (the automatic cover is only for an income of $40,000 pa) - simply complete a form advising how much cover you want and send it in. There are no medical questions asked if you earn less than $400,000 pa. If you are aged between 15 and 70 years, you can join this division by completing an application form which is attached to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 1.2MB).

    Join AMIST Super Personal Division (PDF, Page 13, 1.2MB)

  3. AMIST Pension

    If you are aged between early retirement age and 70 years, you can join the AMIST Pension (If you are aged 70 years or over, you can remain a member as long as there is enough money in your pension account to make pension payments). The AMIST Pension: 

    • Is an Account Based Pension for people aged early retirement age and over who have retired from the workforce;

    • Can also be set up as a Transition to Retirement Pension for people aged between early retirement age and 65 years of age who are still employed but who can start to access their superannuation as a tax-friendly income.  This is a strategy that may save a lot of tax and works well for many of our members.

      Join AMIST Pension - PDF 3.4MB

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