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AMIST Pension

If you have reached early retirement age or older you can join AMIST Pension, which is an account based pension. Please refer to the table below.

An account based pension is where you invest a lump sum in the pension and draw down on that lump sum periodically. And you continue to receive a pension as long as there is enough money in your account to pay the pension.

It can also be set up as a Transition to Retirement Pension for people aged over early retirement age who are still employed but want to access some of their superannuation prior to retiring from the workforce (e.g. work reduced hours but maintain full-time income). Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 3.4MB) for more information. To join the AMIST Pension, simply read the Product Disclosure Statement and Join here (PDF, 3.4MB)

If you were born… The "early retirement age is"
Prior to 1 July 196055 years
Between 1 July 1960 and 30 June 196156 years
Between 1 July 1961 and 30 June 196257 years
Between 1 July 1962 and 30 June 196358 years
Between 1 July 1963 and 30 June 196459 years
After 1 July 196460 years
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