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Your Trustees

Your Trustee comprises of a company called Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Pty Limited (ABN 25 002 981 919), which is responsible for running AMIST Super.

The Trustee Board comprises an independent Chair plus three employer nominated and three member-elected representatives. The fund members elect member representatives every five years while the Australian Meat Industry Council nominates the employer representatives. There are strict rules governing the election of member representatives.

David Burns
Keith Haslem Frank Raeside Gary Hardwick David Burns Noel Kelson Kerry Johnson

The elected member representatives are:

  • Keith Haslem
  • Frank Raeside
  • Geoff Yarham

The nominated employer representatives are:

  • Gary Hardwick
  • Noel Kelson
  • Kerry Johnson

The Independent Chair is Greg Camm.

Directors meet on a regular basis to discuss investment strategy, government legislative changes to superannuation rules, new product developments and other matters.

AMIST Super also holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 238829.

Jack Sullivan is the Responsible Manager under the Licence, which allows representatives of AMIST Super to give general advice about superannuation and product specific advice about AMIST Super. Please note that no representative of AMIST Super is authorised to give personal financial advice. The AMIST Super Trustee also holds Registerable Superannuation Entity Licence (RSEL) Number L0000895 and the Fund Registration (RSER) Number R1007778.

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