AMIST Super Hotline 1800 808 614

AMIST Super – fund at a glance

  • Industry Fund – profit-for-members, with no commissions to pay - all of our profits go to our members
  • Portable - anyone can join* and take us with them no matter where they work
  • Low cost administration - $1.70 pw + 0.07% p.a. of your account balance**
  • Low investment fee of 0.05% to 0.80% of your account balance** depending on your investment choice(s)
  • Life and TPD Insurance – automatic for members of both AMIST Super Employer Sponsored Division (where an employer automatically uses us for all staff) and AMIST Personal Division members (self-employed)
  • Income Protection Insurance - automatic income protection insurance for members
  • Investment Choice – MySuper, Secure, Capital Stable, Balanced, Growth and High Growth – you can choose one or a mixture that suits you
  • Employers and members can call the AMIST Super Hotline for help or view their accounts online anytime
  • Pension Option – your super invested the same way with the same low-fees and paying you a tax-free income from age 60 years
  • Member Services – worksite visits, seminars, newsletters, statements, the AMIST Super Hotline and the web site

*You can only become a member of AMIST Super where a participating employer nominates you as a member. The AMIST Super Personal Division is open to anyone irrespective of their employment.

**Only the $1.70 per week fee is deducted directly from member accounts. All other fees are deducted from the Fund’s assets and taken into account when declaring earning rates which are net of fees and taxes. The information provided in this document is a summary of the key features of the fund. Before making any decision whether to become a member of AMIST Super you should read the current AMIST Super Product Disclosure Statement, which can be downloaded from our website (PDF, 1.3MB). A printed copy can be obtained by calling the AMIST Super hotline on 1800 808 614.




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